Kenny Bell Crushing Block

Nebraska’s Kenny Bell laying out Wisconsin’s Devin Smith. Smith did get up, but was visibly shaken on the sideline.


Wisconsin Woman Unknowingly Buys A Cloned Stolen Vehicle For $30,000

An innocent woman in Lancaster, WI bought a used GMC Denali for ,000 and for the last two years she has been enjoying its use. However a Carfax search found out the Denali was currently registered in Massachusetts and her car is a clone.


Advances Using The Roller-crimper For Organic No-till In Wisconsin

This video demonstrates some basic components to integrate cover crop based no-till on Wisconsin farms, as well as some specific equipment modifications to make the technique more successful.

Interest in organic no-till production continues to grow, not only among organic farmers but also among conventional farmers wanting to integrate cover crops and alternative weed management strategies into their farming strategies.

Credits: Erin Silva, Anders Gurda, and Alex Butz, with thanks to Jeff Moyer from the Rodale Institute

Produced by:
Roger Schmidt, University of Wisconsin Nutrient and Pest Management Program

University of Wisconsin – College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
University of Wisconsin – Extension
copyright 2015

Erin Silva
Assistant Professor
Organic and Sustainable Cropping Systems Specialist
Department of Plant Pathology
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1630 Linden Dr.
Madison, WI 53706

Recorded in 4K video


Early Amtrak Across Wisconsin

On May 1, 1971, Amtrak became Wisconsin’s rail passenger carrier. Passenger service along the Burlington Northern’s Mississippi River Route ended as did all service on the Chicago & North Western. Famous train names such as the Milwaukee Road’s Hiawathas, C&NW’s Streamliners, and Burlington Northern’s North Coast Limited disappeared. When Amtrak began, only the Empire Builder and Chicago-to-Milwaukee corridor service were spared, and the Builder was rerouted from the BN onto the Milwaukee’s Twin Cities line.

By November, 1971, Amtrak was ready for some new Wisconsin trains. Added were Hiawatha trains to the Twin Cities; North Coast Hiawatha trains to Seattle via Southern Montana; and St. Louis service through Chicago to Milwaukee. Things were looking up for Wisconsin’s rail passenger service!

The first vestiges of Amtrak paint slowly appeared in 1972 and in 1973 there were brand new Amtrak engines. However, mismatched “Rainbow” consists were still the rule. GM&O heavyweight parlor cars often appeared as did Denver, Kansas City and California Zephyr Silver dome-observation cars. Soon the E and F locomotives would disappear forever, but in these vintage years they still dominated the trains.

Early Amtrak Across Wisconsin follows Amtrak from the Twin Cities to Southern Wisconsin in the years 1971-73. Locations include such railroading hot spots as St. Croix Junction south of St. Paul, La Crosse, and Duplainville Tower west of Milwaukee. There are scenic views along the Mississippi River and many photo locations in the metro Milwaukee area. The Amtrak trains you will see include:

# The Empire Builder
# The Hiawatha
# The North Coast Hiawatha
# The Abraham Lincoln


Wisconsin Vs Kentucky Final Four Highlights

The Badgers took down the previously unbeaten Wildcats on the grand stage of the Final Four. The 71-64 win gives Wisconsin a chance for its first national title since 1941.


Wisconsin Celebrates Elite 8

Bo Ryan’s Badgers dance in the locker room and welcome Aaron Rodgers to join in the postgame huddle.


Aaron Harrison Vs. Louisville, Michigan, Wisconsin

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Wisconsin Vs. Duke: First Half Highlights

First half highlights of the 2015 NCAA Basketball Championship.

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Wisconsin Accents

Wisconsin Trails video on Wisconsin accents